The Disney College Program – Adventure Awaits!


What is every little girl’s dream job?  To work for Disney of course!  Well, three of our characters are making that dream come true!  Merida, Elsa and Moana have been accepted in to the Disney College Program this Fall!

I asked them to write a little something and answer a few questions so you could get a glimpse in to their world.  I asked them the following questions;

  1. Why did you apply to the Disney College Program?
  2. What job have you been assigned in Disney World?
  3. What is your college major/degree?
  4. What are you most looking forward to while being in the Disney College Program?
  5. What was the hardest question during the interview process?
  6. What is the first food item you will purchase when you get to Disney World?

Here are their answers….. we will start with the Queen!

AVEREE (aka Elsa):

1.     If I remember right I think I decided to apply for the DCP before I even decided which colleges I wanted to apply to, so about 13 years old.  The obsession for Disney started young and strong

2.     I will be working in QSFB (quick service food and beverage) a job I did not apply for or care to have, but after thinking about it I GET TO WORK WITH FOOD!!! Could it get better than wheeling and dealing churros and turkey legs?? But I heard I could possibly be placed outside of the park which would make me sad.

3.   I will be returning home to start studying at Western’s Fairhaven College where I will base my independent study around design and visual communications. Basically I’ll be poor with an art degree.

4.     I am looking most forward to making new friends who are all also Disneyphils (crazy Disnerds). I am also looking forward to learning all about working for such a magical company. Oh and eating turkey legs all day. And Churros!!! All the food.

5.      Ok just to be clear I prepared for weeks leading up to my phone interview. There is not a single blog or vlog on the internet that I didn’t tear apart preparing for that interview. The hardest question I got was, “what is a conflict I have had in the work place and how did I resolve that?” I remember my answer not being satisfactory and I genuinely thought that was the end of my Disney career. But turns out I was wrong!

6.     Did I mention turkey legs yet? I probably wont be able to decide so I just buy them all at the same time. Personally, I think Mint Juleps are the hidden gem of Disney though, so underrated.

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LIZZIE (aka Merida):

  1. As a senior at Central Washington University this was my last chance to apply for the program! I have always wanted to, but the program bleeds over to the following fall quarter of school. Now, I have some of the summer and all of Fall to live/ work/ and play at Disney World! Disney has always been the dream place to work. A place that believes in dreams, and encourages its employees to make “magical moments” for their guests is the perfect next step for me to make ! Enchanting Events has definitely prepared me for working for the Mouse 😉
  2. Lifeguard! I will be working at the resort, making sure everyone is safe! Well that, and trying not to get sunburned ! This red head only freckles if you know what I mean!
  3. I will receive a BFA in Musical Theatre from CWU on June 10th 2017!

4.I cannot wait to meet some fellow performers when I’m down there! And also of course to play at Disney!!! And to live with my fabulous                            princess friends, Kaeli and Averee! (Moana and Elsa)

  1. The toughest question that was asked was “what are your top three desired positions?” This was hard because I didn’t want to seem ungrateful whatsoever! I was so blessed just to make it to the phone interview I didn’t want it to seem that I wouldn’t accept any role because I absolutely would! Luckily not only did I get into the program I also got one of the roles on my top three list !
  2. Dole whip baby!

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KAELI (aka Moana)

  1. I decided to apply to the Disney college program because I love Disney. This is an awesome program with amazing opportunities. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and spread my wings a little.
  2. Within the Disney college program, I have been placed in the recreation program. This means I can be doing anything from operating slides to giving boat tours. I am currently attending Western Washington University and am pursing a degree in recreation focusing in on tourism and community recreation along with a double minor in sociology and anthropology.
  3. I am most looking forward to getting a chance to notice the little details of Disney. Disney is notorious for their small details, and I’m excited to see them all.
  4. The hardest question during the interview process was, when she asked me if I had a preference of which park I wanted to be in. It’s so hard to choose because both parks are amazing.
  5. The first food item I want to buy is, well there is actually two. The first is a fruit sushi roll. It has all types of fruit in it with a sweet coconut rice. The second is a Frozen violet lemonade. It’s a super pretty purple drink.

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So, as sad as this is for us as a company, it’s so very exciting for these three!  So if you have a party or event you’re planning and one of these three is on your wish list to attend, you have until the first week in August as they will be starting their adventure on August 14th!  Don’t worry though, because they will be back in January and we will still be booking them for future events during the Fall!  CONTACT US

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