5 Years Young!


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It’s our 5th Anniversary!  F-I-V-E!  This is a big accomplishment!  Remember when you turned 5 and it was so cool because it was one whole hand?  If you have kids, remember when they turned 5 and it wasn’t so cool because they seemed so old and grown up and were starting Kindergarten?!  Well, Enchanting Events is turning FIVE, but I don’t feel like we are old….well some of us are….but as a company, we are still young and FUN!  Yes, FIVE IS GOING TO BE FUN!

What makes this year so special as we celebrate our 5 year anniversary, is on January 14, 2012, I asked Regal Cinemas in Everett if Belle could attend their showing of Beauty and the Beast, which was being re-released in 3D in theaters!  Of course they said yes, because, well number one, Belle was going for free and number two, who wouldn’t want Belle at their cinema for a showing of Beauty and the Beast?!  Sayeh Marie Photography came with me, we put up a simple backdrop and waited in the lobby of the Everett Regal Cinema to take photos with unknowing little kids (and a few teenage boys) and handed out business cards!  One of the attendees was my friend Patti (whom I’ve known since we were 6) and her daughter who came to watch the movie.  At that time I told Patti I thought she’d be the perfect Snow White and she gladly accepted! LOL! She’s still Snow White to this day!  If I recall, it was snowing that day and the theater was not very busy as I think people were afraid to go out in the snow, but it was a successful first meet and greet and it kicked off an amazing past five years of business!  When people ask us how we started this business, this is part of the story that I tell.  There are other businesses who have started up over the past year or two, but they started because they saw a cash cow with the movie Frozen.  Our business was started out of a love for Beauty and the Beast and all things ‘ENCHANTING!’

So how very fitting that on this 5 year anniversary, Disney would be releasing the live action Beauty and the Beast movie!  To say that we/I am excited about this movie, would be an extreme understatement!  Ever since the live action Cinderella came out, I have honestly been counting down the days until Beauty and the Beast was released!  We are so excited to be partnering with Stanwood Cinemas and Amigo Cantina for the Beauty and the Beast adult night out on March 16th and the Exclusive Movie Event for all ages on March 18th!

So help us celebrate how it all began!  Share our Facebook page with your friends, tag your friends in the Beauty and the Beast events and of course tag FIVE of them in our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY on our Facebook page!

The giveaway will include:

-2 tickets to the Beauty and the Beast Movie Event (you choose March 16th or March 18th)

-Photos with Belle in the Strike-A-Pose Photobooth

-Half a dozen “grey stuff” cupcakes from Hello, Sweets

-A growler of “Gaston’s Brew” from Farmstrong Brewery and two pewter tavern mugs


Thank you for helping us make dreams come true!

Love, Lianna

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3 Comments on 5 Years Young!

  1. Savannah Sherman
    January 31, 2017 at 10:56 AM (1 year ago)

    Hi! My name is Savannah. I was wondering if you guys are hiring and if so how young you hire. I am interested in applying if i meet the job requirements for this ob. If you could please contact me that would be great. Thank you so much!
    -Savannah Sherman

    • ePe
      February 1, 2017 at 5:59 AM (1 year ago)

      Hi Savannah! Yes we are hiring. You must be 18 to apply for our company, OR turn 18 by the time you start working for us. You can submit a resume and headshots to info@EnchantingEvents.net

      • Savannah Sherman
        February 3, 2017 at 11:08 AM (1 year ago)

        Hello enchanting staff! I am under the age of 18 but am very interested in working for you. I have a full resume and headshots ready if you would consider me.
        Thank you for your consideration,
        Savannah Sherman


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