2017 – An Enchanting Year in Review


From Birthday Parties, meet and greets, to the Enchanting Fall Ball, parades and more, 2017 was packed with Enchanting memories!  We strive every year to give back to the community, make memories and share smiles that will last a lifetime and we definitely accomplished that once again in 2017!  It wasn’t always easy, but it was always fun!  We are looking forward to another magical 2018 and it all starts and ends with you!  Thank you for sharing your families with us!  Happy New Year!

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2 Comments on 2017 – An Enchanting Year in Review

  1. Nicole
    January 19, 2018 at 3:59 PM (3 days ago)

    We have loved visiting the princesses at the Fall Balls over the last several years and even ice skating when Elsa and Anna came up to Bellingham Sports Plex several years ago. I tell all my friends if they want to book a princess they need to book you! You are the REAL princesses.

    I did enjoy reading the little insights into the real lives of several of your characters a few years ago. Do you plan on doing that again? Also, we noticed that several of your princesses have changed this year. The Beauty in the website picture is not the same that we have met over the years. Just wondering where she went?

    • ePe
      January 20, 2018 at 7:16 AM (2 days ago)

      Thank you for the nice comments Nicole! The “Beauty” that has been with the company for the past 6 years is the owner and she still owns the company, but is focusing on different aspects of the company instead of being a character! A few of our other characters have also graduated college and moved to start their careers! We are fortunate to have had the same people for the past 6 years as we feel that is important for the kids, but we are also very excited with our new additions!


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