Everyone knows that we are in the business of making dreams come true.  Whether it be visiting children at Seattle Children’s Hospital, attending birthday parties, hosting Fall Balls, or creating custom videos to reveal a magical trip, the end goal is always the same; to create magical and enchanting moments for people.

We were approached by a local organization in Burlington, WA called ATTIC (Adult Transition To Independence Center.)  ATTIC is a non profit, contracted with Skagit County schools, to provide a work training program with students 18 to 21 to help them build their resumes with work experience at local businesses.  We received Asa’s resume and it stated, “I would like to be a Disney Prince.”  This opportunity was too amazing to pass up.  We just had to interview Asa and bring him in to our Enchanting Family, to give him the experience he needed to reach his goals of becoming the first Disney Prince with Down Syndrome.

Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty had been invited to a Ball shortly after receiving Asa’s resume.  This was no ordinary Ball, this was a fundraiser that we have been a part of since day one of the event.  The fundraiser is for one of Asa’s friends, Serenity, who had passed away.  All of the money raised is donated to the Serenity Thomas Foundation, a 501c3 non profit that awards annual scholarships to residents of Skagit County, going into the fields of special needs or related services.  We asked Asa if he would be interested in working side by side with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty at this event as a Prince!  Asa jumped at the opportunity, but better yet, he has every Prince costume there is!  First he was Prince Charming when Cinderella was there and then a quick costume change and he was Prince Phillip, while Sleeping Beauty was there!  Girls in attendance, who also have Down Syndrome, were so excited to see Asa as a real Prince and would even comment, “wow you look just like me!”

Acting a part is nothing new for Asa.  He has been performing in play productions for years and takes his roles very seriously.  He has been in at least ten theater projects and six years of choir, but it wasn’t until 2017 when he went to Disneyland and got to meet actual Disney princes and princesses that he caught the vision to be a real Disney prince!

It is our hope that we can help Asa achieve this goal by giving him opportunities at our events to gain experience and confidence in this role as a Prince.  We have had many people who have worked with us go on to be Cast Members at the most Magical Place on Earth, but this one is extra special!  Asa will be walking in the Berry Dairy Days Parade on June 15th, at the front of the line, while we raise money for the Children’s Museum of Skagit County.  He will also be attending the Enchanting Fall Ball in October, helping guests and dancing the night away.  When you see him at either of these events, please greet him as you would any royal and call him by the Prince name of the costume he is wearing!  Of course for some extra training, ask to take a photo with him, because after all, we are preparing him for the big time at Disneyland, so bring out the “mamarazzi”

The most important question now is; which costumes should he wear in the parade and at the Fall Ball?

One of the things people say they love the most about our Enchanting Fall Ball, is the themed table decor!  Each Princess has a table (some get two) that we decorate in their themed items!  Each year they are different as we add things to our collection throughout the year!  The Enchanting Fall Ball takes place usually around the first weekend in November and benefits the Children's Museum of Skagit County.

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat!
Which one is your favorite?

mulan table decor
moana table decor
rapunzel table decor
Merida table decor
elsa2 table decor
belle table decor
elena table decor
Cinderella table decor
ariel table decor
Anna table decor
aurora table decor
jasmine table decor

OF COURSE UNICORNS ARE REAL….well at least this one was at our Enchanting Unicorn Photo Shoot Event!

Meet Taylor, our mystical unicorn who loves taking pictures and eating grass during photo shoots!  He doesn’t get to eat grass at home, so this is a big treat for Taylor and hence the reason he LOVES our unicorn photo shoots.  He will eat out of your hand and let you sit on him for as long as you’d like.  His first love is carrots and his second are apples!

What do our Unicorn Photo Shoots consist of you ask?  The formula is simple

  1. A beautiful horse (preferably white or an interesting color combo)
  2. A horn made for a horse.  We found ours on Etsy
  3. A magical setting (basically any field or yard that has greenery in the background)
  4. A talented photographer (we use our official photographer, Lavell Looney Photography)
  5. People who love unicorns & believe in magic

Our unicorn photo shoot sessions last 15 minutes each.  When we did these the first time, each session was 30 minutes and we felt that was too long.  15 minutes gives each client plenty of time to get photos taken and interact with the unicorn.  Our clients receive 5 edited photos in the package and have the opportunity to purchase additional photos if they’d like.

Our mission is to always create magical and enchanting events to entertain people of all ages, which will create lasting memories.  These Unicorn Photo Shoot Events add that little extra bit of magic for everyone.  The excitement you see on the client’s face while walking up to Taylor is priceless.  For some, they have never even been on a horse, so to be able to sit on and love on a unicorn, is pure MAGIC!

One of the things we get asked often is, “can I have the unicorn at my child’s birthday party?”  Unfortunately, Taylor doesn’t travel to private birthday parties, but he does enjoy attending special events or corporate events!  To book Taylor, just visit our CONTACT US page and select Unicorn from the Character list!  Our next Unicorn Photo Shoot Event is scheduled for August 25th.  Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for details and also subscribe to our email list to be notified first of upcoming events!

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