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How it Works

The Message

Fill out the Video Request Form below. If you already have a script perfected, just type it right in! If you need help word-smithing the script, give us the details and we'll polish it up for you!

Character Video

Once we have the details, we'll shoot a video with your chosen character. This is where your custom message will come to life and delight your recipient - especially when they hear their favorite character call them by name!

Email Delivery

After a quick trip through the editing room, we'll email the video to you so you can share it with your special someone - whether they're near or far away!

Video FAQs


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Enchanting Events is not an affiliate of the Walt Disney Company. All of our performers' costumes are custom made to depict familiar characters. Our performers are cosplayers and are not Walt Disney Company employees nor are they affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, or any other company, in any way.
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