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Contract between Enchanting Events and the Client:

Etiquette:    Once your documents are signed your event is locked in.   We understand that during the  COVID-19 pandemic, you might feel comfortable with your performers wear a mask.  If this is your choice, please let us know so your performer will arrive prepared.  All of our performers will perform in a professional manner as their characters.  Please refer to the performer(s) you have hired for your event by their “Character Name” during your event.   Your performer(s) will check-in for your event upon arrival and please brief them on specific event details.  Please let your Performer(s) know when there are 10 minutes left of their appearance, so they can start to wrap up.  Our performers have multiple events per day and are booked fairly tight.  If you fail to notify your Performer(s) when time is up and they are at your event longer than the time scheduled, you will be charged.  The cost for time overage is $20 for every 5 minutes over.  Please do not directly contact your Performer(s) after your event.  If you have questions or need to get a hold of your performer, after your event has concluded, please contact Enchanting Events.

Payment:    If you fail to sign this contract within 3 business days, we will release your event date.  We do not require a deposit for your event.  We will email your invoice and payment will be due according to invoice due date.  Tips for your Performer(s) are by no means expected or required, but are accepted if you think they did an exceptional job and can be given to them at the end of your event. Last minute bookings may be charged an additional fee at the discretion of Enchanting Events.

Cancellation:   Due to the high demand of our Characters, we ask that if you need to cancel your event, please do so at least 14 days in advance, with no penalty.  Event cancellations less than 14 days prior to your event, without a reschedule, will result in a $50 per character cancellation fee.  Any cancellations 5 days prior to your event, without a reschedule, will be charged the full amount of the party.  In the case that the Character(s) you hired becomes ill, there is inclement weather, or they are for any other reason unable to attend, we will offer a virtual option (zoom, facetime, video) for the same day or a future date, depending on the circumstances.   Failure for any character to attend your event will result in a 100% refund. 


Media Release:    If you choose to share photos from your event with us via social media or email, it is very likely that we will use the photos in future marketing.  As a loyal royal client, you will automatically be added to our email list and will receive emails from Enchanting Events regarding events, special discounts and special company announcements.  If you wish to be removed from this list, there will be that option at the bottom of the email when you receive it.

Responsibility:    Enchanting Events and its employees are not responsible for any damaged items during events.  We ask that you prepare the surroundings for our appearance and plan accordingly.  If one of our character’s costumes is damaged or destroyed at an event, it will be up to Enchanting Events to determine if you are responsible for damages and you will be charged accordingly.  If there are costs that are required for parking or entry at your event, it is your responsibility to inform us of these in advance and reimburse the fees. 

Handler/Performer Assistants:  All of our performers are professionals and will perform as their requested character unaccompanied.  The exception to this would be a request for a performer in a mascot or fully masked costume.  A handler will be required for these performers at the rate of $25/hour.  If you would like to request that the performers bring an assistant to help them at your events, this may be discussed during booking.  Performers will arrive in costume, ready to perform, 10-15 minutes prior to their assigned time, unless other arrangements have been discussed during the booking process.

Disclaimer:    Enchanting Events is not an affiliate of the Walt Disney Company or any other company producing Characters.  All of our Character's costumes are custom designed & made to depict familiar characters. The Characters are not Walt Disney Company employees nor are they affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or any other company, in any way.  They are cosplayers.

Event Details:    By signing this contract, you agree that the information we have for your event is correct and you agree to the terms & conditions.  This contract must be signed & processed within 3 business days of receipt. 



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