6 Years In Business; On A Mission!


It has been SIX years!  6 years of birthday parties, 6 years of meet and greets and special events, and 6 years of enchanting memories!  Every year I write about our business anniversary and all of the magical memories we have made over those 6 years, but really, the magic of this company has been happening far longer than 6 years.

Every year we have an Enchanting Events company party.  It’s our way of saying THANK YOU to the employees for being exceptional all year and it’s also a way for us plan and dream about the upcoming year.  My favorite part of the party is planning a gift to give each employee.  I try to make it themed to the Character they play, but this year I had a different thought.  A few months ago, Facebook was flooded with the “post 7 black and white photos in 7 days, no words, just photos” challenge.  I knew if my Mom got tagged in the challenge she would partake AND she would tag me to do it.  As soon as she did I told her, “DO NOT TAG ME, I’M NOT DOING IT!”  She ended up tagging me, but I did not post my 7 photos!  My Mom however posted a photo that both made me smile and got my wheels turning.  (see photo below)


That photo, that sign, those words summed up perfectly not only the past 6 years of our company, but the past 38 (eek, yes, I’m 38) years of my life and all the years of our Character’s lives.  You see, putting on a beautiful gown, a pair of wings or a super hero suit, curling our hair, the perfect lipstick or the coveted mask, is not just something we do every week, it is something each of us has done our entire lives!  The desire to bring magic to life, to dream bigger than you thought possible and to enter a world of wonder, did not begin 6 years ago when Enchanting Events was founded, it began for me 38 years ago (ok, almost 39) and for the rest of our employees, it began when they were little.  I think about the words on that sign every day!  It’s not just a sign that hangs over the entry way to Disneyland, for me it is a reminder of where we have been, where we can go and to dream bigger than we have ever imagined.

I was asked a few weeks ago, by a now employee whom we were interviewing, “what is your mission statement.”  What a great question!  I really had to stop and think.  We have company goals, but do we have a sentence or two that sums up what we are about?  So for the past 3 weeks I have been staring at the Disneyland sign and thinking A LOT about our own Mission Statement.  After 6 years of not having one, here it is…..

To provide the highest quality and most realistic character entertainment in Western Washington at celebrations and special events, while also giving back to the community through charitable outreach.

Make People Smile by Creating Enchanting Memories

That about sums up who we are, what we pride ourselves on and our goals for the future.  It does not define the past six years, it defines what we have all felt since we were young and we are all honored to be able to share that with you and your little ones!

~Lianna, Owner


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