One of the questions we get asked often is, "I want to make sure I am going to the event that your characters are at. Is this your event?"
We end up getting a screen shot of an event on Facebook that appears to be us, but in actuality, it's a company we've never heard of and an event that is not ours!

When we are hosting our own events, or if a company hires our characters for their event that is open to the public, we are always sure to add that event to our Facebook page and website!

Upcoming Events

We feel it is important for you to know which events our characters will be attending, because quality of characters and performance is important. Many of your kids have met our characters at a party or event and the consistency of it being that same character they meet over and over again is important! Trust me, kids know when it's not the same person! 🙂

So, if you ever find yourself wondering if it's going to be our company or our characters, you can always check the EVENTS section on our Facebook page, check our website, or of course, shoot us a message! We are always glad to help to make sure your experience is ENCHANTING!

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