Who You See, Is Who You Get!


When Enchanting Events started in 2012, our main goal was to have Characters who were “REAL!”  Wigs were out of the question and only ONE person would play ONE Character!  One of the most frequent questions we get asked by potential clients is, “Is the person I see on your website, the actual person who is going to show up to our event?”  Our answer is always YES!  In fact, any company you are looking at hiring, you should always ask this question, otherwise, it’s false advertising!  Children are so smart, I should know, I have two who out smart me everyday!

If we send Cinderella to a special event and she meets all of your wonderful children and then you called us to book Cinderella for your child’s birthday party and it was a different person who threw on the wig and dress, undoubtedly your child would know!  They are SMART!!!  In turn, it is so much more magical that the people who play our Characters often times will recognize your child from these events and be able to have conversations with them about the last time they saw them, again because it’s always the SAME PERSON!  Since our staff play their Character and their Character only, they know that Character inside and out and are AMAZING at what they do!  From singing their songs perfectly, to knowing every single thing about the movie and their Character, our staff members truly are ENCHANTING!

Now on the flip side, there is usually turn over in a company.  We are fortunate enough to not have had a lot of turn over, so our Characters always remain the same, but sometimes the head Mouse sweeps up your child’s favorites for a little while and in that case, the person might be different.  The good thing is though, the person filling in will be the SAME person filling in time after time, again, not a “whoever is available and can throw on the wig and dress staff member!”

So remember, when hiring a company always ask, is who I see on your website, the actual person who is going to show up?  The answer should always be YES!

Stay Enchanting!  

  • Camera: NIKON D90
  • Taken: 16 October, 2015
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